Welcome to Brazil Beach House.

This is Mike Smith - Your private Luxury Home and Hotel Consultant in Brazil
I have over 13 years experience in the Brazilian real estate market and provide a full range of services for international investors from company formation,visa applications,sourcing property,developing projects.Whatever your needs I will deliver.

I can offer you an exclusive portfolio of real estate in Brazil including Hotels, Luxury homes and Land Banking opportunities with a trusted network of associates throughout the country.   

I have published 2 books on Brazilian Real Estate Investment and have extensive experience with facilitating property purchases in Brazil for a wide range of overseas investors. I also have 2 property investment companies in North-East Brazil with 8 international equity partners.


Save time,money and zero in on property you want through a safe, discreet and professional channel.

My Services

I offer services to individuals/companies looking for specific realestate in any part of Brazil with minimum value of $1 million USD
Type of properties; Commercial,shopping malls,hotels,land areas,luxury homes,apartment buildings

Why Hire Me ?

  • British Licenced RealEstate Broker in Brazil

  • 10years in the Brazilian Property market

  • Extensive experience assisting foreign investors buy Brazilian Real Estate

  • Results orientated..fast efficient and direct to the source.

  • Service fee/costs discounted from sales commission on successful purchase

My fees

  • My travel fees, flight + hotel (These costs are discounted from buyers fee)

  • Buyers fee of 3% OR commission paid by sellers side(you decide)


  Send me initial requirements

  • Fill out questionaire

  • I make an extensive research, consultation, visit location, provide detailed report+video footage, re-visit property with you/your representatives.

Previous property finding missions

  • Housing projects-sourcing construction partners in Natal

  • Beachfront land for resorts in North-East Brazil

  • Luxury Villas in Bahia and Sao Paulo state

  • Boutique hotels in Bahia and Ceara/Brazil

Brazilian Real Estate Investing in 2019 - and Beyond

You can find a lot of practical and updated resources on real estate investment in Brazil on this website blog, my youtube channel and facebook page. I also have 2 Brazilian real estate books published on Amazon including the one below. If you have any specific questions not covered in these materials feel free to contact me directly and I will be more than happy to respond.