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Brazil Beach House Real Estate Broker,Mike Smith talks about his experience selling property in Brazil to overseas investors. 

Brazilian Real Estate Investment.  Mike Smith discusses his companies property investment projects in Brazil.

Brazil Beach House Real Estate Broker,Mike Smith talks about his experience selling property in Brazil to overseas investors. 

Mike Smith discusses Hotels for sale in Brazil in 2016. 

My Services

I offer services to individuals/companies looking for specific realestate in any part of Brazil with minimum value of $1 million USD
Type of properties; Commercial,shopping malls,hotels,land areas,luxury homes,apartment buildings

Why Hire Me ?

  • British Licenced RealEstate Broker in Brazil
  • 10years in the Brazilian Property market
  • Extensive experience assisting foreign investors buy Brazilian Real Estate
  • Results efficient and direct to the source.
  • Service fee/costs discounted from sales commission on successful purchase

My fees

  • My travel fees, flight + hotel (These costs are discounted from buyers fee)
  • Buyers fee of 3% OR commission paid by sellers side(you decide)



  • Send me initial requirements
  • Fill out questionaire
  • I make an extensive research, consultation, visit location, provide detailed report+video footage, re-visit property with you/your representatives.




I also work with a number of highly experienced real estate partners throughout the country. You can find a large portfolio of property listings on the following Portal with Andreas Hahn at ;


Previous property finding missions

  • Housing projects-sourcing construction partners in Natal
  • Beachfront land for resorts in North-East Brazil
  • Luxury Villas in Bahia and Sao Paulo state
  • Boutique hotels in Bahia and Ceara/Brazil

Land Investment In Brazil

The ultimate guide to property investment in Brazil for 2015 and beyond is a must read for any international investor who is looking to apply capital and achieve maximum returns in the Brazilian realestate market. There is no book quite like it because it is based on the bottom line, pure and simple; how much to invest in and what returns to expect... straightforward and very lucrative information direct from the Brazilian expat investor who is doing the exact same thing for himself and his investment partners.

You will gain invaluable knowledge on four specific investment products here in Brazil, learn the common mistakes Brazilian investors make and get a better understanding of the logistics in setting up your investment plus how to implement your exit strategy.