Save time,money and zero in on property you want through a safe, discreet and professional channel.

My Services

I offer services to individuals/companies looking for specific realestate in any part of Brazil with minimum value of $1 million USD
Type of properties; Commercial,shopping malls,hotels,land areas,luxury homes,apartment buildings

Why Hire Me ?

  • British Licenced RealEstate Broker in Brazil
  • 10years in the Brazilian Property market
  • Extensive experience assisting foreign investors buy Brazilian Real Estate
  • Results efficient and direct to the source.
  • Service fee/costs discounted from sales commission on successful purchase

My fees

  • My travel fees, flight + hotel (These costs are discounted from buyers fee)
  • Buyers fee of 3% OR commission paid by sellers side(you decide)


  • Send me initial requirements
  • Fill out questionaire
  • I make an extensive research, consultation, visit location, provide detailed report+video footage, re-visit property with you/your representatives.

Previous property finding missions

  • Housing projects-sourcing construction partners in Natal
  • Beachfront land for resorts in North-East Brazil
  • Luxury Villas in Bahia and Sao Paulo state
  • Boutique hotels in Bahia and Ceara/Brazil