Video-Q&A with Mike Smith-Brazilian Broker-How to Buy Property in Brazil in 2019.


Q&A with Mike Smith,Brazilian Broker;
How to Buy Property in Brazil in 2019.

Mike is here to answer any questions or queries you may have about Buying Property in Brazil.Watch this video and share your comments...
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Video; Buying Real Estate in Brazil? Zero in with Mike Smith.


Buying Real Estate in Brazil?
Luxury home and hotel consultant in Brazil ,Mike Smith offers services to individuals and companies looking for specific real estate in any part of Brazil.

Mike Smith; 55 84 99993 8936 / whatsapp


I offer services to individuals/companies looking for specific real estate in any part of Brazil.
Type of properties; Commercial,shopping malls,hotels,land areas,luxury homes,apartment buildings

British Licenced RealEstate Broker in Brazil

13 years in the Brazilian Property market

Extensive experience assisting foreign investors buy Brazilian Real Estate

Results efficient and direct to the source.

Service fee/costs discounted from sales commission on successful purchase

My travel fees, flight + hotel (These costs are discounted from buyers fee)

Buyers fee of 3% OR commission paid by sellers side(you decide)

Send me initial requirements

I make an extensive research, consultation, visit location, provide detailed report+video footage, re-visit property with you/your representatives.

Housing projects-sourcing construction partners in Natal

Beachfront land for resorts in North-East Brazil

Luxury Villas in Bahia and Sao Paulo state

Boutique hotels in Bahia and Ceara/Brazil

Brazil Property Buyer ALERT! New Investment Visa + Financing Introduced. Effective Immediately!

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Real Estate Investment Visa Introduced


The situation

The Ministry of Labor published a Normative Resolution introducing a new real estate investment visa which is effective immediately.

A closer look

Details of the new real estate investment visa are as follows:

  • Qualifying real estate investments. In order to qualify for the visa, real estate investments must meet the following criteria:

    • The real estate must be in an urban area, must be worth BRL 1 million and can be a fully built property or one that is under construction;

    • If the real estate is located in the north or northeast region of Brazil, the minimum required property value is BRL 700,000 and can be a fully built property or one that is under construction;

    • The value of the real estate investment can be spread across multiple properties in different Brazilian states if the total investment is at least BRL 1 million (or BRL 700,000 in the north or northeast region);

    • Co-ownership is allowed but each applicant must separately meet the minimum investment requirements; and

    • Applicants can obtain bank financing for but only for the amount that exceeds BRL 1 million or BRL 700,00 in the north or northeast region.  

  • Validity. The real estate investment visa is valid for an initial period of two years and can be renewed indefinitely.

  • Application process. The application process is the same as other work permit categories which are subject to the analysis and approval of the Ministry of Labor in Brazil; proof of the acquired real estate investment must be presented when filing the application. Foreign nationals already in Brazil are also allowed to apply for the real estate investment visa while they are in-country. All applicants must remain in Brazil for at least 30 days after registering with the Federal Police.

Impact on foreign nationals

The real estate investment visa will open a new pathway for foreign nationals to be able to live and work in Brazil and it is intended to increase monetary investments to the country.


The Brazilian government has been publishing normative resolutions which expand upon and clarify the November 2017 Migration Law.

Investor visas have been used to increase monetary and real estate investments by foreign nationals in numerous countries, including TurkeyCanadaBahrain and Ireland.


The Future is Fractional For Brazil's Hotel Sector in 2018 and Beyond


The concept of fractional ownership started off in the US to to commercialize luxury vacation homes whereby a group of clients could divide maintenance costs,taxes,security etc and use the same property for a given time period per year. Overtime this business model was extended to selling condominium apartments,theme park properties and units in beachfront resorts with hotel facilities.

The model is simple and readily applicable to any tourist related real estate development.

For the developer it is much easier to sell fractionally to raise the necessary capital to execute a project ( if off-plan ) or generate funds from fractional sales as an alternative strategy to sell a hotel asset ( if already built ) For the buyer, you acquire equity ownership in a piece of property that you legally own and receive all the benefits of the investment (including potential for appreciation of your asset ) at a fraction of the price.

This real estate segment is primarily touristic driven with demand for resort hotels and vacation homes in the sun. Brazil has an abundance of beautiful locations for such developments and fractional ownership has seen accelerated growth over the past 5 years despite traditional real estate markets suffering heavily throughout Brazil’s recession.

Some Information on Fractional Ownership Projects in Brazil

- 80 projects in 2018 , 54 in 2017 (48% increase) against only 2 in 2013

- 14 states and 39 cities throughout Brazil.

- New developments in 21 cities this year

- 336,000 fractional sales this year with a gross sales volume of R$16.3 Billion 

- 70% of the sales were in the R$20-50,000 price bracket with apartment units comprising  of  86% of the market share.

- A standard apartment will have 2 bedrooms with 50-65m2 and offer distinctive leisure facilities for vacationing.(theme park,golf course,water sports etc)

- Higher end house sales with prices above 90,000 per fraction accounted for 67% of the market share.

- Caldas Novas (the famous spa resort in Goias ) is the leading destination with 20 projects selling fractionally.

- Gramado (in Rio Grande do Sul ) is another trendsetter with 1500 apartments set to be launched in the coming years.

The fractional ownership model for vacation homes in Brazil is on the rise. The  benefits are undoubted for both developers/hotel owners and second home buyers. 

It is a force to be reckoned with and foreign hotel investors should take note of the huge potential opportunities to acquire prime land/hotel assets and launch into the fractional orbit.

Mike is a Hotel Broker in North-East Brazil with a large portfolio of resort hotels for sale in Brazil.

Please contact him if you have any queries about hotel investment and / or fractional ownership sales in Brazil.

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Buying a Property in Brazil From Dubai in 2018..How was it for Riccardo ?


Mr and Mrs Riccardo Karamat 

British National Living in Dubai

Managing Director of Retail Company

Riccardo talks about his experience of buying a beach house in Brazil this year.

We were thinking about buying a property in Brazil for a while before plunging in.Finally we bought a beautiful beach front house in Natal / Brazil with Mike Smith at Brazil Beach House earlier this year.

We were not able to travel to Brazil to view the property and close the sale so we had to rely on Mike to carry out the entire transaction on our behalf even though we had never met him before. 

He negotiated an excellent price for us. He helped us with all our questions and queries and we gave him a power of attorney to sign the title deeds for us. 

Mike has also helped with arranging surveys,photographers,cleaning and paying the utility bills to tide us over until we are able to make it over to Brazil.

We would definitely recommend Mike Smith at Brazil Beach House as a foreign investor in Brazil and would not hesitate to use his services for any future Brazilian property investments.

Marta & Nils Testimonial for Mike Smith at Brazil Beach House; 01/11/18


Marta ( a retired nurse ) & Nils ( a retired professor ) are from Norway and owned a lovely beach house in Genipabu,Brazil for 16 years.They spent several months at the house every year without fail and reluctantly decided to sell the property this year due to health reasons. Here is what they said about their experience of selling a property in Brazil;

We sold our beach house in Genipabu, Rio Grande do Norte, this year (2018). We achieved a good price and received the amount as agreed.  Before knowing Mike, recommended by our friends, we were in contact with other brokers. What they offered and did to us, was far from satisfying. The selling of our property long distance turned out to be rather complicated (reorganization at the register office, documentation requirements for the non-Brazilian buyer). Mike had to overcome a few obstacles, and he did it, with patience and courtesy, to our full satisfaction. We can certainly recommend him as a real estate broker in Brazil .  Marta and Nils Sorbo, Norway


Brazil Beach House Director, Mike Smith @ Hotel For Sale in North-East Brazil.

Mike Profile Pic.png

Director of Brazil Beach House, Mike Smith, takes a profile shot at a beautiful beachfront hotel resort for sale in Rio Do Fogo, RN in North-East Brazil. Mike loves visiting exotic locations and viewing beautiful beach properties in Brazil. Here is this hotel listing;

Bolsonaro; New Brazilian President on Sunday..why we need change in Brazil!


As a long term foreign resident of Brazil I see the country misrepresented abroad so often. Negative coverage has been amplified in recent weeks due to the epic battle for Brazils political and economic future played out in the presidential elections as the right wing misogynistic Donald Trump(aka Jair Bolsonaro ) goes head to head with the soft bellied corrupt communist Hugo Chavez (aka Fernando Haddad) It has been a war of simplified soundbites,a tirade of accusations on both sides and tempers are frayed..thank god it will all be over on sunday!

The country is now crying out for change and that is why this outspoken,controversial,hard-line candidate is due to receive an overwhelming mandate on sunday. The western media ( in particular ) has taken aim at Bolsonaro’s right wing credentials by highlighting some of his more extreme and certainly outrageous comments regarding women,race and his bent towards military dictatorship..he is certainly not dis-similar to Mr Trump in this regard and he seems to revel in provoking and shocking for effect. However in many other respects he is a far cry from Donald Trump with a military background, untainted by scandal and with very clear concise viewpoints (he is able to put a few coherent sentences together for a start! )

A quick backdrop on the past 16 years of socialist government.

The socialist government of Lula started off with 8 years of economic growth and implemented wide social reforms to alleviate poverty, subsidizing the construction of millions of new homes for poor families and providing financial incentives to send poor kids to school, all highly praiseworthy… unfortunately the latter half of the 16 year reign has deteriorated into endemic corruption,inefficiency and mismanagement of the economy.

Brazil has had and is now currently facing…

-16 years of socialist government..5 years of recession,high unemployment and stagnation

-Huge corruption scandals implicating a large number of politicians in government

-Political uncertainty and lack of confidence in the interim government over the past 2 years

-Widespread insecurity and fear among Brazilians relating to crime on the streets

Where is the change coming ? What Bolsonaro has pledged in no uncertain terms

and what this Brazilian election comes down to in a nutshell..

Economy - revitalize through the private sector, incentivizing companies and cutting red tape

Corruption - take a hardline and clamp down on corrupt practices within the political system.

Crime - get tough on criminals to make the streets safer - give resources to the police.

If Bolsonaro can follow-through and deliver on these very clear pledges then Brazil will return to prosperous and safer times.

Mike Smith..British national living in Natal,North-East Brazil for the past 13 years.

Sao Miguel Do Gostoso /RN..Top 5 Luxury Beach Homes For Sale in October 2018


Sao Miguel do Gostoso is a small paradisiacal beach resort near Natal (the capital of Rio Grande do Norte state). The city has huge tourist potential, with a growing number of Europeans and Brazilians visiting every year. It is one of the top kite-surfing destinations in the world and has attracted an eclectic mix of cool bistro´s,hotels and beach bars. 

This charming beach town is undergoing a transformation as more and more Brazilians and Expats are drawn to the resort to begin a new more relaxed way of life.

With over 40 small hotels and a great selection of small restaurants and bars,the town is thriving and squarely on the map for further expansion of international tourism.This is a fantastic place to spend some months of the year,retire,set up a business or invest in real estate.

Brazil Beach House has selected these Top 5 luxury Beach Homes For Sale in Sao Miguel do Gostoso, each with distinct style,location,character and quality...

1. Spectacular BeachFront Compound in Sao Miguel Do Gostoso R$3.5Million


2. Delightful Beachfront Villa For Sale in Sao Miguel do Gostoso R$1.7million

DSC05148 49 50clai.jpg

3. Marvellous Private Resort in Sao Miguel Do Gostoso R$1.5million


4.Sao Miguel Do Gostoso; Lakeside & Oceanfront Home For Sale with Sensational Deck Views; R$ 1.8 million

DSC05768_7_9c _Localtone.jpg   IN.jpg

5. Tropical 5 Bed Beachfront Villa for sale in Sao Miguel do Gostoso R$1.75million


These are the top 5 luxury homes for sale in Sao Miguel do Gostoso right now. Please contact me for any additional information on the properties featured or if you have any other requirements to invest in brazilian real estate.

Financial Times Article Features Brazil Beach House Luxury Listing in Florianopolis

house front night.jpg

Brazil’s home buyers bet on the ballot Presidential election could see the economy — and therefore house prices — go either way

Hugo Cox OCTOBER 19, 2018

Being a homeowner in Brazil is hard work. Although mortgage interest rates have been slowly coming down since last July — when the average rate peaked at 11.3 per cent, according to the Bank of Brazil — rates are still high. In August this year, the average rate was about 8 per cent, with deposits of 20 per cent usually being required to secure the purchase.

The country’s economy is struggling to emerge from two years of recession and a contraction of nearly 8 per cent. Despite five successive quarters of growth, the recovery remains anaemic — latest figures for the second quarter show only a 0.2 per cent gain. Brazil’s consumer credit rates — which are among the highest in the world, according to Marcos Casaran, head of Latin America for Oxford Economics in Mexico — are helping to depress consumer confidence.

With central bank interest rates at 6.5 per cent in August, the average borrowing rate on household debt was 30 per cent, according to the Central Bank of Brazil. The result has been a drop in housing demand, especially from rich buyers pulling back from discretionary second home purchases, says Andreas Hahn of Real Estate Brazil, an agent in São Paulo.

In the past five years, house prices have gained just 1.7 per cent, according to Oxford Economics. Taking into account Brazil’s inflation over the period, the real price change is a fall of 15.3 per cent. Map of Brazil Brazilian homeowners are hoping a new president — whom Brazilians will select from two candidates on October 28 — will help turn this around. If the winner can deliver much-needed political and economic stability, it is hoped that banks will again embrace consumer credit — including offering more competitive mortgage deals. “According to this argument, credit will then start flowing again, bringing Brazilian buyers back to the real estate market,” says Casaran.

It’s not just Brazilians who are on tenterhooks for the election result. Local estate agents describe two very different bets taken by foreign buyers on the direction of Brazil’s top-end property market. The first group are staying on the sidelines until Brazil’s economic prospects become clear. Five-bedroom house in Florianópolis, R$7.8m

Brazil Luxury Realestate  Jurere.jpg

“Nearly all my high net worth investors are sitting on the fence until the elections are complete and we have a definite outcome. This year has been a bit of a write-off for luxury home buyers but I expect the market to pick up once Bolsonaro is elected,” says Mike Smith who runs local agent Brazil Beach House in Natal.

The bookies’ favourite is far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro, who won 46 per cent of the vote in the first round of the presidential election on October 7, ahead of Fernando Haddad, from the leftwing Workers’ party. Haddad, who won nearly 29 per cent of the vote and who will face Bolsonaro in the run-off on October 28, replaced former president Luiz Inácio da Silva as his party’s candidate when Brazil’s electoral court ruled that da Silva could not run for the presidency from jail, where he is serving a sentence for corruption.

Bolsonaro has long expressed offensive views on women, the LGBTQ community (he once said he would rather have a son die than be gay), as well as frequent racism against Brazil’s black and mixed-race communities. However, he is favoured by investors, who believe that his proposals to privatise state-run enterprises and increase the independence of Brazil’s central bank will provide the country with much-needed economic stability.

The problem with the wait-and-see strategy for overseas homebuyers is that they risk missing out on bargain prices. A combination of Brazil’s uncertain economy and the corruption scandal that has engulfed many of the country’s senior politicians — including former president Dilma Rousseff, who was impeached in 2016 — has taken its toll on Brazil’s currency.

The Brazilian real fell 29 per cent against the dollar in the 12 months to the middle of September. For bold foreign buyers, this has created huge discounts, which will narrow if Brazil’s economic recovery firms up and the real strengthens. Hahn says a higher number of his foreign clients have bought homes this year, taking advantage of the savings provided by Brazil’s weakening currency. “This year, the number of sales to this group increased by half on the same period in 2017,” he says, adding that buyers from abroad now make up two out of three sales.

Most of Hahn’s clients are Swiss, French or German; many have established businesses in Brazil in the last year — typically in agriculture or tourism — betting on the country’s recovery.

Much of the overseas money is invested in coastal villas or in prime properties in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. In the Jardins area of São Paulo — a district popular with international buyers and Brazil’s business elite — Christie’s International Real Estate is selling a three-bedroom apartment for R$4.9m ($1.35m).

In Bertioga, a seaside town in the wider São Paulo state, Sotheby’s International Realty is selling a six-bedroom penthouse for R$18m. Outside Brazil’s major cities, Hahn points to the island city of Florianópolis — the capital of Santa Catarina, a state in Brazil’s south — and its surrounding neighbourhoods. For those attracted to the city buzz, apartments in the southerly neighbourhood of Abraão, just over the bridge on the mainland, are popular.

Hahn says that the current fashion is for landscaped apartment complexes, which include gardens and swimming pools. In the nearby central district of Florianopolis, local agent Daniel Ferreira is selling a four-bedroom penthouse with a sea view for R$2.15m. When it comes to holiday homes, much of the hottest property is in the beachside neighbourhood of Jurerê Internacional, roughly 20 minutes’ drive from the city on the north of the island. Here minted expats as well as the great and good from Brazil stretch out in top-end villas — often in gated communities — as well as apartments near the beach. Nightly Ibiza-style DJ bars blend the creature comforts of the champagne set with Brazil’s carnival tradition.

Imoveis de Luxo & Cia is selling a five-bedroom villa in Jurerê Internacional for R$9m. Brazil Beach House is selling a five-bedroom house with a pool in the same neighbourhood for R$7.8m.

Brazil Beach House Luxury Jurere-Santa Catarina.jpg

Well-heeled Europeans are not the only ones believing in a Brazilian housing market recovery. Casaran says that several US private equity funds have invested in commercial and residential property over the past year, betting that Brazil’s recovering economy and a favourable election outcome will see lower mortgage rates kick-start domestic demand.

Both groups of buyers are taking a punt that the new president can keep the faltering economic recovery on track. That is a big gamble. US interest rate rises and Donald Trump’s trade wars have caused chaos in emerging markets this year. In the four weeks to June 18, Brazil’s flagship Bovespa equity index lost nearly a fifth of its value (it has since recovered some of the losses).

Even with their favoured election result, investors could yet take flight, in which case the value of those smart villas in Jurerê Internacional could have much further to fall. Three-bedroom apartment in Jardins area of São Paulo, R$ 4.9m Buying guide The quickest flights connect New York with Hercilio Luz International Airport, 10km from downtown Florianopolis, via São Paulo, in roughly 13 hours

Adjusting for inflation, average Brazilian house prices dropped 4 per cent in the first half of 2018, according to Oxford Economics Sales taxes in Brazil are typically around 2 per cent What you can buy for . . . $500,000 A four-bedroom apartment with overlooking the ocean in Florianopolis $3m A five-bedroom villa on the Santa Catarina coast $8.5m A grand, five-bedroom penthouse in one of the most exclusive high-rises in São Paulo