BBH Testimonial; Canio from Italy Buys a Beachfront Home in Natal/Brazil

I’m an italian citizen living in Switzerland. I work as a hedge fund manager and have several real estate investments in Europe.

I’ve been in many places throughout Brazil and think the northeast is just very beautiful with it’s uncontaminated nature. Natal respectively Rio Grande do Norte is the sunshine state of Brazil and the closest place to Europe and Africa. With it’s new airport and several flights that are going to be put in the next few months, tourism will grow rapidly in the next few years.

Local Brazilian tourists like the region very much and have been visiting the region all around the year. 

Foreign tourists have been a bit away the last few years since the european crisis. But with the cheap Real and all the new flights planned from São Gonçalo do Amarante airport this will change rapidly.

Infrastructure is relatively good and the people very friendly. Crime is not very high compared to other cities like Salvador or Rio and due to Natal’s realtively small population of 1mio I like it very much.

Mike found a lovely property for me on Graçandu Beach(see photo) It’s only 30min from the new airport and you probably take longer into the city center than to Graçandu.

All the northern beaches will gain importance in the next few years due to the localisation of the new airport. Mike helped me out throughout the buying process and is very experienced in the area. I have made many investment experiences in my past and with Mike it was definitely the best I’ve ever had.

He found a fantastic object with a very good value, helped throughout the process and even after-sale he took care of some little issues like unpaid marine tax of 100$. I can warmly recommend doing business with Mike. He is very professional, responsive and has great experience.