Biggest Aquarium in South America in Need of Private Investor. Fortaleza City / Ceara


The biggest aquarium in South America in the heart of Fortaleza City is now open for private investors to complete the project and participate in the tremendous potential of the city renowned as the ¨Miami of Brazil¨

The aquarium will house 500 species of marine life with 4 floors overlooking the ocean.It is designed as a state of the art aquarium with submarine simulators,submerged tunnels and 4D movie theaters.

Fortaleza; The Miami of Brazil

-City Population of 3 million. The 5th biggest city in Brazil

-3 million tourists annually attracted to all-year round sunshine and beautiful beaches.

-Private International Airport with direct flights to the U.S and Europe 

-Attracting serious international investment in solar energy(Brazil´s biggest producer)and its offshore hub port and industrial complex in Pecem.  


The Project


-Prominent location on the main boardwalk of the city

-$43 million USD already invested in the project

-21,500 m2 of construction area

-75% of structure completed

-State Government Incentives for investors including access to land for hotel development close-by.


We have a direct line to the principal decision makers for this project and can facilitate the official introductions and open doors to divulge classified information for qualified interested parties.

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