Living the Luxury Life in Brazil


Get more out of the life you live when you can find a beautiful luxury home right on the beach in Brazil. Through professional real estate brokers and others in the luxury real estate investment business, your dream of being able to watch the tide come in from your own porch or deck can easily be done. Besides the beautiful beach, Brazil has much to offer the expat or retiree looking to move. Whether you have time to visit on your own or you need an experienced real estate broker to visit and secure your property for you, you will find many homes to choose from right on the beach in Brazil.


The Best That Money Can Buy


Oceanside luxury homes in Brazil are some of the most beautiful properties that you will ever see and you will find many options to choose from during your search. Purchasing a home where you feel confident, comfortable and relaxed in is key, but having one that takes your breath away and allows you to love where you live is priceless. For investors, there are numerous beachfront hotels in Brazil to look at and make a wise investment for the future. With so many vacationing from all around the globe, it is easy to make your investment back quickly for a fast profit.


Brazil is a Relaxing Outdoor Adventure


If living your life without feeling the need to rush to and from everywhere you go seems ideal, then you’ll find a life less stressed in this beautiful, exotic country. No matter where you choose to live, you are going to find a wealth of things to do whether you like quiet evenings at home or you like hitting the hot night spots for an evening of dancing and having a few social drinks with friends. During the day, you can head to the beach for snorkeling, surfing, swimming, fishing and other water activities or even take a few swings at a local golf course or enjoy a brisk nature hike. With seemingly perfect weather, you are going to find many outdoor activities to enjoy in Brazil. Not only will you have fun, but soon you may find your health and well-being greatly improving because of the stress-free surroundings.


A Close-Knit Community Awaits


Throughout Brazil, it is common to become friends with those around you. This includes those relationships that you form with your neighbors, friends and even those you may meet in passing at the local market. If you plan to work in Brazil, you may find that it is natural to feel relaxed even on your busiest days of work. Once the work day is finished, you’ll have plenty of time to socialize with friends including neighbors that you may have met during your move.


Moving Luxury Items with You Can Be Done


Through the help of good international mover, it won’t be difficult to bring household goods or other personal property to Brazil. The biggest concern will be making sure you have the proper paperwork for customs.


Paperwork for Household Goods


•  Bill of Lading

•  Notarized copy of passport or residence visa

•  Notarized copy of Brazilian tax card

•  Notarized copy of Brazilian identification card

•  Notarized power of attorney form

•  Notarized proof of residence form

•  Copy of the airplane ticket

•  Notarized detailed inventory list



Not everyone needs to have a personal car when they move to Brazil. Public transportation can be found in the large cities and transport extends to small towns throughout the country. If you do need to import your own car to Brazil, read more here.


Paperwork Required for Luxury Vehicle Import


•  Passport

•  Notarized copy of Brazilian tax card

•  Notarized Power of Attorney

•  Passport - Stamped by Embassy

•  Proof of Vehicle Ownership

•  Sales Invoice

•  Bill of Lading

•  REDA-E form


Life in Brazil is easy to enjoy and when you work with an experienced, professional real estate professional, find the perfect property can be simple as well. Once you make your move, be sure to relax and take in the view, enjoy the beaches and spend some time unwinding from your busy life while spending day after day in a never-ending vacation.