Sao Miguel Do Gostoso /RN..Top 5 Luxury Beach Homes For Sale in October 2018


Sao Miguel do Gostoso is a small paradisiacal beach resort near Natal (the capital of Rio Grande do Norte state). The city has huge tourist potential, with a growing number of Europeans and Brazilians visiting every year. It is one of the top kite-surfing destinations in the world and has attracted an eclectic mix of cool bistro´s,hotels and beach bars. 

This charming beach town is undergoing a transformation as more and more Brazilians and Expats are drawn to the resort to begin a new more relaxed way of life.

With over 40 small hotels and a great selection of small restaurants and bars,the town is thriving and squarely on the map for further expansion of international tourism.This is a fantastic place to spend some months of the year,retire,set up a business or invest in real estate.

Brazil Beach House has selected these Top 5 luxury Beach Homes For Sale in Sao Miguel do Gostoso, each with distinct style,location,character and quality...

1. Spectacular BeachFront Compound in Sao Miguel Do Gostoso R$3.5Million


2. Delightful Beachfront Villa For Sale in Sao Miguel do Gostoso R$1.7million

DSC05148 49 50clai.jpg

3. Marvellous Private Resort in Sao Miguel Do Gostoso R$1.5million


4.Sao Miguel Do Gostoso; Lakeside & Oceanfront Home For Sale with Sensational Deck Views; R$ 1.8 million

DSC05768_7_9c _Localtone.jpg   IN.jpg

5. Tropical 5 Bed Beachfront Villa for sale in Sao Miguel do Gostoso R$1.75million


These are the top 5 luxury homes for sale in Sao Miguel do Gostoso right now. Please contact me for any additional information on the properties featured or if you have any other requirements to invest in brazilian real estate.

Brazil´s Economy Looks To Recover in 2017/18 ; Brazil Investment Forecast

Video-Interview With Huw Jenkins of Latin American Investment Bank BTG Pactual on Brazil's Economic Progress and Opportunities:

- International investors are now looking at the macroeconomic fundamentals of Brazil and less at the political instability;

- There is a willingness to step off the sidelines and come back to Brazil's investment sectors;

- Activity returning to real estate, retail, car rental, in infrastructure. less so in finance;

- Broadly, across the board, there’s a hunger for capital in Brazil.

Watch the interview:

Brazil Hotel Investment in Fortaleza-Ceara in 2017/18; Video Presentation

Brazil Hotel Investment in Fortaleza-Ceara in 2017/18. ¨The Miami of Brazil¨ 27 Page Presentation with all the facts,figures and updated Hotel Offers including Brazilian Resort Hotels,Business Hotels and Hotel Development Projects For Sale.

Brazil; Powerful Indicators For Economic Success in 2017 and Beyond

a bright new dawn for the brazilian economy?


While it is difficult not to be caught up in the short termism surrounding the economic and political situation of the country, Brazil remains a global powerhouse and one of the critical growth markets in the decades to come.

It is true that we have seen 3 years of deep recession and ongoing political turmoil but the following facts put Brazil´s position in a more balanced perspective when looking to the future;

-)No country in the western hemisphere grew as much as Brazil in the past 20 years

-)Brazil´s recent 10 year GDP growth is second among the top 10 world economies despite this current recession. 2017 is seeing the resumption of this growth trajectory

-) Brazil is still in the top 10 most powerful global economies and *PWC* predicts it will become the 5th largest economy(currently 9th)by 2050 with a growth rate of 2.6% pa.


So what makes Brazil stand out amongst emerging economies?

-)large well established agriculture,manufacturing,mining and service sectors with broad industrial base creating a highly diversified economy

-)richness in natural resources,young workforce,unexploited domestic market

-)well settled democracy (free press,independent judicial system etc)

-)economic climate less volatile

-)increasing international trade favouring exports

-)business friendly on the whole ,no major cultural differences with U.S, Europe

-)highly urbanized compared to other emerging economies, 84% of the population live in cities.

-)whole country speaks one language

-)creative,flexible workforce and young population ( 24% under 14 - Only 7% above 65)

-)no major natural disasters

-)peaceful relations with neighbouring countries

-)tariff free access to neighbouring economies

-)immense reserves of energy,minerals,raw materials

-)close to self sufficient in oil and world leader in low emission fuels..

-)still significant market for 200 million consumers(worlds 5th largest population) fast growing consumer market,high growth potential. Many companies are undervalued and in need of restructuring,capital,technology.

What gives foreign investors in Brazil cause for optimism ?

Brazil is in a transition period to a freer more efficiently run economy

Income per capita has risen for 18 years running until 2014 and will resume in 2017

It´s the 4th primary destination for FDI (predicted at 60 billion USD + for this year)

Inflation coming down in 2017 (45%target) Now at 8% and falling.

Structural pro-business reforms in place

Budget controls approved to ensure long term fiscal balance

New more liberal approach to international trade

In summary there are plenty of positive precursors for economic success in the Brazilian economy if you are inclined to look for them. I for one err on the side of optimism and look forward to a realignment of forces towards growth and renewed prosperity..

*** The content of this article was taken in large part from the very informative Price waterhouse Cooper´s 2017 ¨Doing Deals in Brazil¨ report ***

Top 5 Small Beach Hotels For Sale in Bahia-Brazil in April 2017


If you are looking for idylic palm fringed tropical beaches,exotic vibrant Brazilian culture,great touristic infrastructure,all year round sunshine and high occupancy rates,Bahia,North-East Brazil is THE place for hotel investment.

Brazil Beach House has built up a fantastic portfolio of both large and small hotel offers on the best beaches of Bahia state including Porto Seguro, Trancoso, Praia do Forte, Itacimirim, Ilheus and Morro de Sao Paulo. Here are 5 of the best small beach hotels for sale in Bahia,Brazil right now with respective links.

Hotel Number One; Luxury Beachfront Hotel Complex for sale in Trancoso $7.5million

Hotel Number Two; ShowCase Beachfront Minimalist Boutique Hotel R$13 million


Hotel Number Three; Spectacular BeachFront Hotel in Morro de Sao Paulo R$18 million

Hotel Number Four; Luxury European Hotel+ 40 aparts in Porto Seguro..Distressed Sale R$12,000,000

Hotel Number Five; Brand New Minimalist BeachFront Mini-Resort in Itacimirim; 7million Euros

aerial star.jpg

All 5 of these Bahian beach hotels provide amazing ocean settings with close proximity to airports and are on the map nationally and internationally with a high volume of tourists all year round.I have a wide selection of hotels for sale in Bahia to suit all investment requirements so please contact me for more information.



Sasha & Danielly...lovely swedish,brazilian couple sold their apartment in Ponta Negra,Natal with Mike

sasha + danielly.jpg

Hello Mike,
You made us happy owner of our first apartment in Natal 6 years ago and now you have again made us happy by helping us sell it. We can not thank you enough for all the time and energy you have put into this sale. Although our apartment was not in a million class, we got the same support and service as if it were one. I know how complicated a property deal may be in Brazil but was incredibly surprised and impressed with how smooth and fast the sale went.
Thanks again Mike for making property investment in Brazil so easy for us. Looking forward to many more investments together in the future. You are a 10 stars real estate broker!