Buying Real Estate in Brazil? WARNING !!! Do Your Due Diligence !!! 3 Key Tips

How to avoid a nightmare when buying real estate in Brazil - The basics

Are you on the look out for a beautiful piece of real estate in Brazil,whether to while away the hours on paradise beach,retire in the sun or capitalize on an investment opportunity?

If so....please read could save you a fortune!

I have been buying and selling property as an investor and broker in Brazil for the past 12 years and have seen it all. The good the bad and the ugly.

I am very happy to say that my experience has been good on the whole and at times very lucrative. However I regret to inform you that I have been on the ugly side on one or two occasions over the years and this boiled down to not following the guidelines that I am about to give you..

So what are the key documents I need to have from the property seller when buying real estate in Brazil?

-) Certidao de Registro e Onus... Certificate of Registration. This is THE definitive and updated document to the property which provides name and details of the actual owner,the properties characteristics,who the current owner bought from and any details of the construction.You can obtain this certificate at the notary office in which the property is registered.It costs R$117($30 USD)and gives you absolute assurance that who you are buying from is in fact the actual seller.

The public deed (escritura publica) is normally the fundamental document that covers all the details of the property that you need.The only thing it doesn´t show you is the current status of property ownership(ie who is the owner today,not when the deed was issued!)

-)Buying real estate from a Brazilian company?   ORANGE ALERT !!

I came a cropper here!! Lost money but learned a valuable lesson! If the seller is a Brazilian company please verify that the person signing has the legal powers to transfer the property.For this you need to ask for a copy of the company charter and the last additive/amendment made.Then check the administrative clause to see who has powers to sign. To be absolutely sure,ask for a ¨simplified certificate¨(certidao simplificada )at the chamber of commerce (Junto commercial) 

-)Buying from someone who has a power of attorney to represent the seller?  RED ALERT

I came unstuck here also and it cost me dear!   If the seller gives a legal proxy for someone to represent them in the transaction it must be public,first off(registered at a notary office)it must specifically include,in writing, the power to sell the property and it must be valid. You need to go to the notary office that issued the proxy to verify it´s validity(ask for a ¨certidao do procuracao¨at a cost of 40 reals)

I hope that this information can help you avoid the pitfalls i fell into.I sincerely wished I had followed my own advice at the time but it was an eye opener and I learnt a big lesson from my mistakes.

Mike Smith        

Professional Real Estate Broker in Brazil

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Living the Luxury Life in Brazil


Get more out of the life you live when you can find a beautiful luxury home right on the beach in Brazil. Through professional real estate brokers and others in the luxury real estate investment business, your dream of being able to watch the tide come in from your own porch or deck can easily be done. Besides the beautiful beach, Brazil has much to offer the expat or retiree looking to move. Whether you have time to visit on your own or you need an experienced real estate broker to visit and secure your property for you, you will find many homes to choose from right on the beach in Brazil.


The Best That Money Can Buy


Oceanside luxury homes in Brazil are some of the most beautiful properties that you will ever see and you will find many options to choose from during your search. Purchasing a home where you feel confident, comfortable and relaxed in is key, but having one that takes your breath away and allows you to love where you live is priceless. For investors, there are numerous beachfront hotels in Brazil to look at and make a wise investment for the future. With so many vacationing from all around the globe, it is easy to make your investment back quickly for a fast profit.


Brazil is a Relaxing Outdoor Adventure


If living your life without feeling the need to rush to and from everywhere you go seems ideal, then you’ll find a life less stressed in this beautiful, exotic country. No matter where you choose to live, you are going to find a wealth of things to do whether you like quiet evenings at home or you like hitting the hot night spots for an evening of dancing and having a few social drinks with friends. During the day, you can head to the beach for snorkeling, surfing, swimming, fishing and other water activities or even take a few swings at a local golf course or enjoy a brisk nature hike. With seemingly perfect weather, you are going to find many outdoor activities to enjoy in Brazil. Not only will you have fun, but soon you may find your health and well-being greatly improving because of the stress-free surroundings.


A Close-Knit Community Awaits


Throughout Brazil, it is common to become friends with those around you. This includes those relationships that you form with your neighbors, friends and even those you may meet in passing at the local market. If you plan to work in Brazil, you may find that it is natural to feel relaxed even on your busiest days of work. Once the work day is finished, you’ll have plenty of time to socialize with friends including neighbors that you may have met during your move.


Moving Luxury Items with You Can Be Done


Through the help of good international mover, it won’t be difficult to bring household goods or other personal property to Brazil. The biggest concern will be making sure you have the proper paperwork for customs.


Paperwork for Household Goods


•  Bill of Lading

•  Notarized copy of passport or residence visa

•  Notarized copy of Brazilian tax card

•  Notarized copy of Brazilian identification card

•  Notarized power of attorney form

•  Notarized proof of residence form

•  Copy of the airplane ticket

•  Notarized detailed inventory list



Not everyone needs to have a personal car when they move to Brazil. Public transportation can be found in the large cities and transport extends to small towns throughout the country. If you do need to import your own car to Brazil, read more here.


Paperwork Required for Luxury Vehicle Import


•  Passport

•  Notarized copy of Brazilian tax card

•  Notarized Power of Attorney

•  Passport - Stamped by Embassy

•  Proof of Vehicle Ownership

•  Sales Invoice

•  Bill of Lading

•  REDA-E form


Life in Brazil is easy to enjoy and when you work with an experienced, professional real estate professional, find the perfect property can be simple as well. Once you make your move, be sure to relax and take in the view, enjoy the beaches and spend some time unwinding from your busy life while spending day after day in a never-ending vacation.  


Top 5 Small Beach Hotels For Sale in Bahia-Brazil in April 2017


If you are looking for idylic palm fringed tropical beaches,exotic vibrant Brazilian culture,great touristic infrastructure,all year round sunshine and high occupancy rates,Bahia,North-East Brazil is THE place for hotel investment.

Brazil Beach House has built up a fantastic portfolio of both large and small hotel offers on the best beaches of Bahia state including Porto Seguro, Trancoso, Praia do Forte, Itacimirim, Ilheus and Morro de Sao Paulo. Here are 5 of the best small beach hotels for sale in Bahia,Brazil right now with respective links.

Hotel Number One; Luxury Beachfront Hotel Complex for sale in Trancoso $7.5million

Hotel Number Two; ShowCase Beachfront Minimalist Boutique Hotel R$13 million


Hotel Number Three; Spectacular BeachFront Hotel in Morro de Sao Paulo R$18 million

Hotel Number Four; Luxury European Hotel+ 40 aparts in Porto Seguro..Distressed Sale R$12,000,000

Hotel Number Five; Brand New Minimalist BeachFront Mini-Resort in Itacimirim; 7million Euros

aerial star.jpg

All 5 of these Bahian beach hotels provide amazing ocean settings with close proximity to airports and are on the map nationally and internationally with a high volume of tourists all year round.I have a wide selection of hotels for sale in Bahia to suit all investment requirements so please contact me for more information.



Sasha & Danielly...lovely swedish,brazilian couple sold their apartment in Ponta Negra,Natal with Mike

sasha + danielly.jpg

Hello Mike,
You made us happy owner of our first apartment in Natal 6 years ago and now you have again made us happy by helping us sell it. We can not thank you enough for all the time and energy you have put into this sale. Although our apartment was not in a million class, we got the same support and service as if it were one. I know how complicated a property deal may be in Brazil but was incredibly surprised and impressed with how smooth and fast the sale went.
Thanks again Mike for making property investment in Brazil so easy for us. Looking forward to many more investments together in the future. You are a 10 stars real estate broker! 

Fabulous Luxury Brazilian Mansion...Distressed Sale.THE Bargain of 2017 So Far!

Luxury 5 Suite Beachfront Condo Mansion With 5000M2 Land..Now Selling for 300k Euros/R$ 999,000

If you are looking for a top of the range property at a bargain price with tropical beauty, beachfront splendour and lots of peace and quiet this is most definitely THE spot!

THE bargain luxury home of 2017 ! 
-1000m2 construction
-20mt length pool
-4 suites plus guesthouse
-Fully fitted kitchen
-Part of exclusive condominium
-Direct beachfront access
-In diving resort of Maracajau,
-60kms north of Natal city
-35kms from new airport.


Here is the listing on-site;

Where to Find the Best Brazilian Hotels and How much to Invest in 2017

map hotel cities of brazil for book.jpg

Brazil is enormous. The amazon region alone is bigger than Western Europe. This article is intended to give you a brief breakdown of the best locations to invest in Brazilian Hotels whether large-scale resorts or smaller boutique lodgings.

I channel in on the most popular coastal areas for tourism and business related activities. I have selected the below locations based on several important factors, namely population size, quality of infrastructure, airport connections and existing touristic demand plus attractiveness for hotel expansion.

Key Cities for Brazilian Business Hotels and Hotel Resorts

Cities on price scale with Sao Paulo being the most expensive

Sao Paulo ; Population of 21 million, Economic powerhouse of Brazil with bulk of business related hotels

Rio de Janeiro ; Population of 12 million, THE dream tourist location of Brazil and host city of the up and coming Olympics

Salvador ; Population of 2.9 million. Largest city proper in North East Brazil and the 3rd largest in Brazil after Sao Paulo and Rio,with rich culture and fabulous beaches

Fortaleza ; Popluation of 2.55 million. Brazil’s 5th biggest city, Internationally connected, modern, clean city with all year round warm sunny climate

Recife ; Population 3.74 million, biggest metropolitan area in North-East Brazil, important commercial hub on the North East coast with much improved hotel stock

Natal ; Population 1.5 million. Largest percentage of hotel rooms in Brazil per capita. Sunniest weather in Brazil, great beaches, new privately run international airport

A standard 4 star business hotel/ beachfront resort with 150 rooms will cost you in the region of R$20,000,000 to R$200,000,000 depending on the location,quality,operational performance and selling motivation.


Key Beach Towns for Hotels, Resorts and Smaller Boutique Lodgings

(best infrastructure and airport access)

Towns on price scale with Buzios/RJ being the most expensive

-Buzios RJ ; 2 hour drive north of Rio. Famous resort, great tourist infrastructure

-Praia do Forte BA ; 55kms north of Salvador. Wealthy, high-end resort with some of the top hotel chains

-Porto Seguro BA ; 700kms South of Salvador with its own airport comprising of 3 famous resorts, Trancoso, Arraial DAjuda and Porto Seguro. Large-scale tourism with national reach

-Ponta Negra RN ; Urban resort connected to Natal city, beachfront belt with chain hotels and large resorts


A 15-60 bed waterfront boutique hotel will cost you in the region of R$4,000,000-R$ 15,000,000 depending on location, operational performance and selling motivation.

I have a large selection of Hotels For Sale in Brazil including offers in the above locations as well as in other Brazilian towns and cities.You can see 33 Hotel Listings on the following link;

Please contact me directly for more information on the above.

Trancoso,Brazil,The Most Desireable Beach Resort in Latin America in 2017

Leonardo DiCaprio came to Trancoso to bring in 2017 and get away from it all. 

Why did Leo choose Trancoso?

Exclusivity, high end tropical style and fashion,stunning beach properties, discretion, spectacular coastal scenery and all year round sunshine

Come Visit The Most Exclusive Beachfront Resort In Brazil,Home to International Celebrities.

Why this Trancoso Gated Community ?

You fly into the private airport, relax at the Club Med, play a round of golf at one of the 7 "Pebble Beaches" courses in the world and enjoy one of the most spectacular beachfront descents in Brazil with red clay cliffs and fabulous beach below.

Take a look at this exclusive selection of homes for sale in Latin America`s most luxurious golf community.

OFFER;  Drop into the the condo with me,see some fabulous homes and have a complimentary round of golf on one of Latin America´s finest golf courses.

Like this post,share with a friend and contact me for more details.

Mike Smith

Luxury British Broker in Brazil

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Brazil Luxury Homes..Stunning 7 Bed Luxury Mansion in Sea Front Golf community,Trancoso,Bahia

Luxury Mansion in South America´s Most Exclusive Oceanfront Gated Community


$ 2,080,000

Trancoso / BA

Luxury Villas | 600m2 built | 2400m2 plot

Newly built tropical villa in Latin America's most exclusive tourist condominium.Terra View boasting spectacular 18 hole golf course, private airport, direct beach access and Club Med resort next door. In House facilities include; 7 on-suite bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, lap pool, BBQ area, landscaped grounds, terrace / sun deck, sauna.




Shared Facilities include; Beach restaurant, Tennis courts, Helicopter deck, Airport Golf course, 24/7 security

Why choose Trancoso?

Exclusivity, high end tropical style and fashion, stunning beach properties, discretion, spectacular coastal scenery and all year round sunshine

Why this Trancoso Gated Community?

You will be able to enjoy the best of the best golf courses in the world and enjoy one of the most spectacular beachfront golf courses in Brazil with red clay cliffs and fabulous beach below. .



The Essential Guide to Land Investment in Brazil.5 strategies to profit buying Brazilian Land.

Buying Land in Brazil. There are several advantages to this type of investment. One, the land has low maintenance costs. You just need to pay the property tax on an annual basis that is less than 0.3 percent of the value of the property. Two, you don’t need any structure in place to maintain the land. As long as it’s fenced,you can basically leave it for months on end and return back to it only when you get an offer. Three, the opportunities to make profits on this type of investment are very high. If you can find the right area that’s on the edge of town, where the urban sprawl is extending,you’re guaranteed of making profits.

The beauty of buying land in Brazil is that, once you’ve purchased it, you have some very attractive options in terms of what you can do with it.
For example you can;
1) Flip/sell on within a matter of months or years, depending on your strategy.
2) Make a project for a subdivision and sell on for a higher return.
3) Go into partnership with a local developer and take a percentage of the units built.
4) Develop the project yourself
5) Develop a portion of the land for yourself and then sell off the other portion to fund that development.
You have a myriad of possibilities, and they’re all good ones, depending on what you want to get out of your investment and how much you want to get involved in the logistics of developing it.