Large Scale Land Investment in North-East Brazil; Project for 100 homes. No Money Down.

  • 1.8 hectare land parcel in the center of bustling town,7kms north of Natal city.
  • Project for a 100 home gated community-duplex units with 2bed,1 bathroom..60m2,No money down.
  • 19 homes to be delivered to the land owner over the course of the project
  • 4 years to deliver the project.
  • Utilities,electricity,water on-site
  • Right next to the town’s main hospital.
  • 5 minute walk to the train station.

In terms of the numbers;
4 phases needed with initial capital of R$800,000 ( $207,000 USD )

PHASE 1 ) Initial capital outlay for project plus first 15 homes= R$800,000
Sell 12 homes for R$ 100,000 each = R$ 1,200,000 (3 homes to landowner)

PHASE 2 ) R$ 1,20,000 re-invested = 24 homes
Sell 19 homes for R$ 102,000 = R$ 1,940,00 (5 homes to landowner)

PHASE 3 )R$ 1,940,000 re-invested = 38 homes
Sell 30 homes x R$ 104,000 = R$ 3,120,000 (8 homes to landowner)

PHASE 4 )R$ 3,120,000 re-invested 23 homes + 2,000,000 in cash
R$ Sell 20 homes x R$104,000= R$ 2080,000 in cash (3 homes to landowner)

TOTAL RETURN after 4 phases = R$ 4.080,000

* These figures include the commission fee on sales of units (3%) plus the corporate tax of 1% on sales *

Return on investment = 500 % over 3 year period.

I can refer you to the architect,engineer and building team to execute the project.I also have excellent sales agents operating in this local area who have sold 100’s of these units in the past 4 years.


Extremoz is one of the fastest growing urban conurbations on the outskirts of Natal city

Only 8kms from the new international airport

7kms from the outskirts of the city.

New train system now in operation(less than 1km from this land) with capacity of 60,000 passengers per day;

My investment track record in Extremoz;

Our company have stepped up investment activities in this town over the past year with recent purchases of

6 land areas(totalling over 280 landplots) and we have built and sold 36 homes in the past 12 months.Please see this video to see one of our developments;

You can find more information about the town of Extremoz on the following article;

Please contact me directly for information about this and other Large Scale Land Investment in North-East Brazil.