Natal to become international HUB for Latam in North-East Brazil? Key Advantages

What is the Hub?

The biggest airline carrier in Brazil,TAM,aligned with Chilean LAN, is looking to establish a new international transportation center in North-East Brazil to shift some of it’s operations from the south of Brazil.The consortium have chosen 3 cities as potential locations; Fortaleza,Natal and Recife.The HUB will become the gateway for commercial and cargo air-traffic,spanning four continents.

What will it mean?

Principally R$ 9 billion reals in investment,needed to develop the infrastruture to operate a global transportational center,along with an influx of over 20 daily/weekly international flights from Europe and the U.S.This will have a major impact on the regional economy of the chosen state and significantly boost international tourism and inward investment.

Why is Natal likely to win the bid?

Among the criteria evaluated are airport infrastructure, as well as customer experience (in this case, the expertise of the terminal operator) the hotel capacity in the airport vicinity and above all, competitiveness in operating costs. “TAM’s decision regarding the international hub in the Northeast will be 99% technical,” said the RN minister of Tourism. Of the three airports assessed,Rio Grande do Norte is the only one administered by a private company and has the largest available area for expansion not only for aircraft runway extension, but also for storage facilities of goods.

The technical feasibility study will be announced in 2 weeks time.The final decision on which airport will be become LATAM’s Hub will come in December this year.2016/17 will see large-scale development of airport facilities needed for future expansion.